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Mathematics is often regarded as one of the most complex subjects by many students. This is why many parents or guardians hire private tutors to teach maths to their children.

However, maths is one of the subjects where you can actually be awarded full marks. If you apply the correct theorem, there should only be one outcome, right? Hence, it is not as difficult as many people think.

Why Is Mathematics Considered a Tough Subject?

There are several reasons why a student might feel mathematics is difficult to comprehend.

Here are a few:

  • Bad Teacher: The student might have a teacher who does not understand the concepts of mathematics well or has a poor method of explaining.
  • Lack of Tutor: Some mathematical concepts require having a tutor to put you through before you get it. A student who doesn’t have someone to explain certain concepts to them might find maths hard.
  • Lack of interest: Many students have zero interest in math, and as a result, they make no effort to know it.
  • Preconceived ideas: Some students also feel math is hard because everyone is saying that. As a result, they have made up their minds not to pay attention or try to understand it.

Why Should You Teach Mathematics?

Tutoring math is an extremely rewarding career choice. Most people who love math do so probably because they have had an excellent math tutor. When you teach math, you have the opportunity to impart knowledge into your students and help them ace their exams.

Think about the students struggling to pass exams or tests at school, and imagine if they have someone to explain the concepts to them in a way they can understand. You see how easy it would be for them to ace their exams and, in fact, build their confidence. This is why you need to be a tutor.

Most students who do poorly in their exams tend to have low self-esteem. Tutoring a student who gets poor grades at school can make the student become better and even confident enough to answer questions in class.

What Are The Qualities of a Good Maths Tutor?

If you want to start your career as a math tutor, you should possess the following traits.

Maths Knowledge

Before becoming a tutor, you must have the right qualifications and knowledge to teach your students. You shouldn’t start tutoring if you don’t understand or have much knowledge about the concept of mathematics.

Passion for Math

If you are enthusiastic about tutoring math, your students might develop interest quickly. Before you start tutoring, you should be sure that you are keen on teaching math.


Your students might not understand a concept right away, and this is why you have to be patient enough to go over the lessons repeatedly till they know it.

A good tutor is always calm and willing to help the student no matter how long it takes them to understand.

Good Communication and Teaching Skills

As a maths tutor, you should communicate and explain complex concepts in the most basic terms. In addition, you should be able to use relatable terms and scenarios to explain complex mathematical theories.

Adequate Preparation

Irrespective of your tutoring experience, you should always prepare your lessons ahead of time. Before teaching your students, make sure to do research and highlight all the areas of the lesson you intend to teach.

How Much Do Maths Tutors Earn on Average?

In the UK, a maths tutor can earn on average £25 an hour. Although, this cost is dependent on several factors such as the geographic location, the experience or the level of study of the tutor.

What Factors Affect The Rate of a Maths Tutor?

Several factors affect the hourly rates of tutors. Below are some of the factors:

Geographical Location

Depending on where a tutor resides, the hourly rate might vary. For example, if you are coming from an area farther from the student’s place, you might want to charge more due to the additional transport cost.

Level of Education

As a tutor, you can also charge the parent based on the child’s level of education. As higher levels of education require more knowledge and understanding, a tutor might request a higher hourly rate.

Certifications of the Tutor

Tutors who have gone through several levels of education and have completed several degrees might want to charge more. For example, a tutor with a doctorate might charge more because they have more knowledge.

Experience of the Tutor

An experienced tutor will likely charge more than a tutor who is just starting. Due to their years of experience, they might know how to communicate the concepts and teach the student to understand better. This is why they often charge more than the average tutor.