Image: Eric Lucatero on Unsplash

Solitaire is the most popular card game in the world. You might play this game for fun without even realizing how it is improving your brainpower! Wondering how? 

Well, it is a logic-based game. It means it will force the brain to think, decide and then act. It keeps your brain moving and the juice following. 

Here’s how playing solitaire can help you improve your brain power:

1. Cognitive Maintenance

With so many distracting options available like YouTube and Netflix, it’s hard to stop binge-watching. The mind-numbing content makes your brain dull and it really doesn’t do anything to exercise your brain. One ends up passively watching the videos without actively taking part in it. When you play solitaire, you become an active player where you are making every move to win. There are huge variants of Solitaire available such as Spider Solitaire, FreeCell so you keep requiring to learn new techniques as a part of gameplay. This ensures that your brain keeps working proactively. 

2. It Keeps You Busy 

Empty mine is a devil workshop and also, home of boredom. Solitaire can help you in getting rid of the boredom. When you don’t do anything productive for too long, it’s natural to get agitated. Playing Solitaire will provide you with a window to escape by keeping you busy for some time. 

3. It Calms The Mind 

Did you know that Solitaire is compared to light meditation? It is because when you play it, your brain is put into a light meditative state. This can be helpful for people who suffer from anxiety. When you play solitaire, you are giving your brain something to focus on. It doesn’t require heavy thinking but still needs you to think. Hence, it diffuses all the stress of your mind without making it dull. Further, once you have a calm mind, making decisions become pretty easy. 

4. Develops Strategic Muscle 

We have already stated that Solitaire is a logical game. Thus, it will need you to develop strategies to win the game. This will put your strategic muscles in your brain in work. This game is not about luck, but of right moves and execution. When you think, new neurotic connections build in your brain. Also, when you keep making a variety of strategies, again and again, you will, in the end, become a good strategist. 

5. Explains The Concept of Delayed Gratification 

In the game of Solitaire, if you keep moving cards at a rocket pace without any strategy, you will definitely end up losing. What’s the right plan then? The player shouldn’t move the stack of cards fast, and it should be a calculated move. When the right opportunity arrives, shift the cards and win. Winning the game isn’t possible by shuffling a few cards here and there. This introduces the player with the concept of delayed gratification which plays a crucial role in the work-based decision. 

6. Enhances Motor Skills 

While playing Solitaire, you become multifunctional. Your hands move to shift the cards; your eyes narrow down to concentrate, you look at your competitor, think of your moves and their strategies. Together, all these actions come together to enhance your motor skills. 

7. Improves Memory 

Remembering the cards, its sequence, and even the strategies that need to be implemented becomes a must-to-do action in Solitaire. These actions stimulate brain cells and improve memory function. Further, when one uses their brain cells, more cellular connections are created within it, promoting more neural power. Research has shown that playing Solitaire improves both short-term and long-term memory.  

8. It Improves Concentration 

Different versions of Solitaire like the Mahjong Solitaire will improve your focus and concentration. While playing Mahjong Solitaire, a tiny distraction from the game can end the pattern recognition processes. Once or twice, the player might make a mistake; however, the concentration will eventually improve to ensure that the memorization pattern remains intact. 

9. Gives You Alone Time

While playing the game, you need to develop strategies. The gamer can make the best strategies in a quiet environment that is often accessible when alone. Spending alone time allows self-awareness. However, many are afraid to be alone. There lies the difference between loneliness and solitude! Solitaire helps you in attaining solitude in your alone time. 

10. It’ Productive Recreation 

Solitaire is not merely recreation but a productive recreation. You have fun while playing the game but also unknowingly, go on to improve your brainpower too. Who knew developing brain power was this easy?

Now that you know that Solitaire can tremendously improve your brainpower, when will you play the game? Here’s a quick tip, don’t move the cards too quickly, think and act!