Head to Head (H2H) stats is very helpful in analyzing a match. Basically, these stats show the head 2 head results of matches of the two teams. Moreover, these stats are very helpful for trading and betting. Most of the people pay attention to form stats while placing a bet. Form stats are helpful but then checking the head to head trends can help reassure the stats. In this article, we are going to explain the H2H statistics & live streams. We will also see how useful they are for some markets how these columns can help you get the benefit.

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What is Head to Head?

Actually, head to head is data of teams playing against each other. Depending on the competition and country, two teams have to play two matches against each other during a season. The H2H records will help you get the trends of how these teams perform against each other and how many goals they score. It also tells you the details of matches whether they were friendly or not. In some of the matches where the stats form goes out of the window, the H2H records can help you get the possible opportunity for trading or betting. You can also get an advice for a football expert.

Types of Trends

There are two types of head to head trends which are as follows:

  • H2H% or Avg – These are basically the percentage stats of the given outcome.
  • H2H No – These are stats of head to head matches excluding friendly matches.

Do They Are Enough to Place A Bet?

That is an important question to ask. Should you back the over 3 goals in the match at those odds based on the recent 8 finished matches? Absolutely not! The goal market is very specific and you need some more analysis before taking any decision. The first thing you should know about the key players such as defenders and strikers of both of the teams. Wait and see them playing to see how motivated they are. Moreover, you need to keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Is there any weather forecast that can make the field unable to play? These things are very important as there is a chance that a key player who goals in recent matches is not going to play the match. Before betting on any team check the motivation and morale of the team. After analyzing all of this information, you can take a decision for placing your bet.

Other Opportunities

Another use of the head to head stats is sending off markets and bookings. If you want, then you can check the booking stats of the matches. If the recent booking was low, then you can expect the same results for the next match. These patterns can point out very interesting information.


These stats are no doubt perfect for taking a guess. But only the stats of last 7 or 8 matches are not enough. You also need to see the current morale of the team and take an eye on the weather forecast.

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