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Usually, players are not at all interested in the history of online casinos, although they visit the resources every day, deposit money to the balance of the gaming account and withdraw the money won. We will tell you about some interesting facts: the origin of virtual casino clubs, the stages of development of online games of this type, sensational stories about non-gamstop casinos, etc.

The origin of the casino is quite difficult to date. In almost every culture, there are references to gambling establishments: gambling was played in Ancient Greece and Rome, in the English Republic and Napoleonic France. Long before our era, there were gambling establishments in China.

Compared to a real casino, the history of this virtual segment is very “young”. Not all players may know, but the very first resource on which you can play slot machines was opened more than 20 years ago. During this short time, small sites have grown into huge game portals with a large number of opportunities for online players.
How the idea came about

There is no complete, truthful information about the history of online casinos. Nowhere is the name of the person who owns this idea written down. It now seems normal that there is an online resource where gamblers can fully satisfy their needs. We can assume that the idea came to the mind of the owner of a real casino, and with the advent of the Internet, he decided to try to do the same, but in a virtual space. After all, this is an additional, although not such a high profit at that time.

Anyway, with the emergence of the online casino industry, this field has developed very quickly. According to statistics, every year there are thousands of new sites on the Internet that position themselves as a casino. And this is in great demand, since the desire of people to gamble has been known for several thousand years. let’s list some positive aspects of online gambling services:

  • a person meets the needs for active emotions;
  • the player can spend a significant amount of time on such a resource;
  • everyone has a chance to win money;

And that, of course, is all very well. But everything has its pros and cons. And this:

  • it is impossible to get a stable daily income in a virtual casino;
  • scammers take advantage of people’s excitement, create
  • websites and deceive people;
  • the money won usually does not bring happiness, but is quickly
  • spent again in the casino;
  • some people find it difficult to stop playing, as can be seen from many stories.

The idea of creating an online casino reduced the requirements for the player. Some serious establishments in the real world may simply not allow people of a certain age to play, or people with a small amount of money. But the emergence of online casinos has solved this problem. Initially, the required amount of money is very small. The person does not even need to get up from the chair, because everything is in front of his eyes on the display agent no wager.

The history of online casinos

In fact, the history of online casinos is quite entertaining. A brief chronology can be presented as follows:

  1. In 1994, the first platform was created on which it was possible to play slot machine simulators. Its creator is the company Microgaming. At the same time, a legal mechanism for issuing licenses to the first online gambling establishments is being discussed in Antigua and Barbuda.
  2. By 1996, several online casinos were already operating steadily on the Internet. In Canada, there is a Kahnawake Gaming Commission-a special legal commission for issuing licenses to such clubs.
  3. The year 1998 is remembered for the appearance of the first progressive jackpots. After this innovation, the number of people who want to try their luck in the virtual casino has increased. The number of new playgrounds has also been added. The total profit of online casino operators has increased several times and reached almost one billion dollars this year.
  4. In 2001, virtual casinos moved to a new stage in their development. A large number of new resources have emerged. The quality of service and gambling software is getting better, and software manufacturers are coming up with new ideas to attract players.
  5. In 2007, it became possible to have fun with the so-called” live ” dealers. In special studios, gaming tables were installed, pretty girls were in the role of croupiers and players received a “full immersion” in gambling.
  6. The year 2011 convinced all skeptics that it is possible to win a huge amount in an online casino. The lucky winner hit the jackpot of $ 10 million. After that, there were significantly more online players.
  7. In 2015, a large number of mobile gambling applications appeared. The ability to play from your phone or tablet has made it much easier to enter the gaming sphere.
  8. In 2018, new technologies appeared that made it possible to broadcast from a land-based casino to an online club in real time. Perhaps such a symbiosis is the future of virtual gambling.
    Thus, the emergence of online casinos has its own history and its own stages of development. This development does not stop even now.

The first online casinos

At the moment, there are a huge number of online casinos. It is worth noting that there are many fake ones among them, in which scammers simply steal money from people. Slot machines are easily configured by the site owners, so it is impossible to win on them.

Of course, the first online casinos were honest. Their goal was to increase the audience of potential players. They succeeded. Today, many of these honest casinos are closed or rebranded. You can mention Europa casino, William Hill, 888 casino and others. They originated in the last century, but still work successfully and please people.

Please gamble responsibly.