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Horse racing is a very popular sport in the UK that gathers a lot of fans on the race tracks all year round. But, horse racing is also a very common sports betting practice in the UK, which is why many UK betting sites are making sure to include horse racing betting in its offer.

In this article, we will focus on the UK horse betting statistics and the latest trends that are shaping the horse racing betting market in the UK.

Horse Betting Statistics in the UK

Every sport in the world that attract a lot of spectators, regardless if they are watching from home or are participating in the sporting event, also brings a lot of sport betting fanatics. Horse racing betting in the UK is one of the biggest sports to bet on, mostly because of their long history in this betting practice.

To put things into perspective, in September 2018 research was done with the purpose being to find out the percentage of spectators that are willing the bet on their favourite sport. The results showed that viewers of horse racing were the most likely group to place a horse racing bet.

The percentage of horse racing viewers that are likely to place a bet on this sport reaches a stunning 97.4%, which shows how popular horse racing betting is in the UK. But overall, horse racing betting in the UK is slowly decreasing over the past decade.

When we compare the annual turnover from the off-course horse racing betting in the UK for the years 2009 and 2019, we can see a decrease from £5,74 billion to around £4 billion. There are several reasons for this decrease in the annual turnover, but we won’t go into details in this article.

There is also a decrease in the annual turnover on on-course horse racing betting in the UK, where the decrease is around £100 million when compared to the horse racing betting market in 2009 and 2019.

Horse Racing Betting Trends in the UK

As we mentioned in the previous section, horse racing betting in the UK is declining year after year, but it still remains an extremely popular sports betting practice for bettors. But it is not only the betting market that is in decline, as the whole horse racing industry a decrease in profit.

Since 2005 the cost of organizing a horse racing event has almost doubled, due to the increasing cost of media rights and the horse-racing statutory duties. A major contributor to the decrease in horse racing betting is the increasing popularity of football, and some other sports in the UK.

But, there is still an opportunity for horse racing betting to get its previous glory back in the years that follow. That is currently being done mostly with the help of the online gambling industry which is expected to continue its growth in the next couple of years.

Also, the expansion of high-speed internet all across the UK is making online horse racing betting much faster and it is contributing to many new online bettors. The use of mobile devices for horse racing betting is also increasing and mobile betting is set to be the future of online gambling.

One of the most popular trends in horse racing betting in the UK is in-game betting, which is a betting practice that allows the bettors to place horse racing bets on races that have already started. That way a bettor can have a clear idea of who will win the race, but the winning prizes will be lower.

Another popular trend is the non-stop release of mobile betting apps from reputable online betting sites in the UK. Using a betting app for horse racing betting is a lot simpler and it provides the bettors with everything they need when it comes to placing bets and keeping tracks of the horse racing events.

It is worth noting that the most popular UK horse racing event that brings together the most fans, as well as horse racing bettors, is the Grand National. Around 500 million people from over 140 countries are following this event and many of them will go one and place a couple of horse racing bets.

Many sportsbooks are offering special bonuses and promotions to all the bettors that are using their special mobile betting apps. The bonuses and promotions are increasing the popularity of these mobile betting apps and it also increases the trend of mobile sports betting.

Please gamble responsibly.