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Being at the university, the act of studying is impossible to avoid. Unless you are a super brainiac you will need to spend quite some time studying for all your subjects and exams if you want to make it through. It will be hard and you will get frustrated at times. But there are a bunch of different things you can do to help yourself make your studies easier to get through. Keep reading and get some great tips as to how you can optimize your studying and get through the hard times easier.

Take breaks

Studying for hours straight can be really hard on your head. You get tired, lose your concentration and end up reading the same page again and again. Instead of forcing yourself to go at it for hours straight, make sure to put in some breaks for yourself. Taking small breaks every hour will help you study better as it improves your ability to focus one a single task without being distracted. The break can be doing something physical like going for a short walk outside or doing some jumping jacks in your room. But even watching TV or having fun on an online casino like is a great way to take a break. As long as your mind gets to think about something else for a short period of time, you are good to go.


A great way for your mind to remember and understand a subject, is by trying to teach it to someone else. First of all, your brain stores the knowledge in a different way when you are learning with the intention to teach. Instead of just being looked over, the knowledge is actively understood and stored away ready for teaching. When teaching you also try and explain the subject in a clear and precise way that will not only help the person you are teaching, but yourself as well.


When you exercise, your brain gets all these great nutrients that are released in your body. In favor of all these great things you are giving your brain, it gives you an increased performance, especially in the areas of problem solving, information processing, attention, and memory. So basically everything that can help you improve your studying and make it easier. It really doesn’t have to be more than about thirty minutes – doing it everyday will make your body and brain feel great. You can do anything whether it’s running, walking, riding a bike, playing football, doing exercises in your room or just turning up the music and dancing to your favorite songs. As long as it gets your heartrate up, it’s good.

Test yourself

Testing yourself is a great way to learn a new subject. By testing yourself, you’re forced to try and remember the information you’ve read. Reading the same thing over and over again might seem like a great way to learn and make sure you remember the subject. The truth is though, that you don’t know where your gaps are or have any idea how well you know the material until you force yourself to try and remember it for a test. Testing yourself is also a great way to make tests seem less scary and thereby give you more confidence when it comes to your exams. You can also get together a group of friends and test each other. It’s a sure way to get more of the subject to stick in your memory. 

Get the right amount of sleep

A good night’s sleep is absolutely necessary when it comes to learning a subject and getting it to stick in your head. Sleep prepares your brain for learning and it’s also when you are sleeping that your brain does its restoration. It helps make the things you spend the entire day learning stick in your memory and of course a good night’s sleep will leave you prepared and ready for a new day of studying. Make sure to get around seven to eight hours of sleep and go to bed at approximately the same time every night. This will really help your sleep routine.

Change of scenery

A great way to boost your concentration is by doing a change of scenery. Going to a different room to study or maybe even going outside in the fresh air for a study session will help increase your concentration and your retention. A change of scenery can also make you feel more fresh and clear in the head. Going outside in the fresh air might even help keep you awake if you feel like you could just nod off into your books. It’s definitely a more fresh and alive scenery than the quiet library or you small and packed room.

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