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100% real live followers on Instagram without cheating and bots, what do you think is a myth or reality? When I finished one of the experiments, I couldn’t believe it could work so effectively! At first I tested it on different accounts, then I gave this life hack to some of my clients so that they could check it with themselves and it turned out that it really works, both on personal accounts and on Instagram business profiles, BUT subject to certain rules that activate one hidden chip of the Instagram algorithm itself.

Check the detailed information below to get real and free Instagram followers
To get started, go to the event feed in the application on your phone by clicking the heart in the lower right part of the application and scroll the feed to the very bottom until “Recommendations for you” appears with a list of various accounts that, according to the Instagram algorithm, are best suited for you for mutual subscription. While you are performing chaotic actions on your account, this list of recommendations for you will be just as chaotic and incomprehensible, but as soon as you start to perform certain actions according to certain instructions, then this list of recommendations for you will begin to replenish with such users who are most likely will go to you for a mutual subscription.

How life hack works
So, once I noticed that subscribing to hashtags that interest me and using the same hashtags in my publications, as well as likes and comments under publications that contain the same hashtags, leads to the fact that in the list of Recommendations there are such users who are also actively use the same hashtags, and also actively go for mutual subscriptions if I like their photos and subscribe to their accounts.

Again! I choose on Instagram, for example, the theme of black and white photography, I subscribe to hashtags of black and white photography, I also subscribe to similar hashtags, these are the ones that are visible under the Subscribe to hashtag button.

Further, I use all these hashtags in my recent publications, as well as follow the same hashtags, like fresh photos and write my messages under them. After that, after about 3-5 days in the list of recommendations in my application, Instagram starts on a silver platter itself to bring all users with similar interests and who can potentially become my subscribers.

Moreover, I do not subscribe to everyone in a row, but only to those who have a small number of subscriptions, less than 1000 and do not have a large imbalance between subscriptions and subscribers. In other words, if a person has 400 of his own subscriptions, and there are fewer subscribers, only 300 or 350, then this tells us that this user, like you, is actively looking for a mutual subscription. And since your interests coincide with him and the content in your feed is similar to him, then, as practice has shown, 8 out of 10 users mutually subscribe to your account.

Here ATTENTION! When you turn on this procedure of subscriptions from the recommended list, you need to have exactly the same content in the feed of your recent publications that you have chosen as a strategy, it does not have to be black and white photos, there are a lot of different genres and interests of amateur photographers on Instagram, you just need to choose one of them, closer to you and focus on it. But that is not all!

If this method is too complicated for you, you can try an app named GetInsta.

I have tried GetInsta to get many free followers for Instagram in the last several days. It is secure and easy to use.

If you would like to try GetInsta, follow the steps below:

  1. Download GetInsta and then sign up an account Add into your Instagram
  2. account. (You will get digital coins after the above two steps)