Image: Eksma Optics

If you’ve spent any time browsing through EKSMA product catalogues, you may have noticed that the laser components are used in many common household products, such as DVD players, cell phones, and computers. EKSMA specializes in laser and lens components, so it’s no surprise that they’re using their expertise to bring us products that improve our lives in some way or another.

Their products are used in manufacturing, energy, transportation, communication, and entertainment, to name just a few. Let’s focus on how EKSMA products improve our lives and make our lives easier in different areas of life.

I. Helping People Move & Communicate

Laser Do It All. They’re little miracles. And now they can make life a lot easier and more productive. Laser products are fantastic for everything from professional lighting to communication enhancement to toys. Moving Around First off, let’s look at how moving is improved by using lasers. One of our favourites uses for laser technology is guiding vehicles along roads and highways. We like to call these devices laser jammers or laser jammers because it seems as though that name would catch on better than simply calling them traffic control systems.

II. Detectors and Sensors

Laser detectors and sensors, or any optoelectronic device, are one of those luxuries you take for granted when in reality, things might not be as wonderful without them. Detectors and sensors are essential components that bring science fiction to life by converting visual data into useful feedback.

 A laser sensor is a measurement device which converts measured values into analogue electrical signals using laser technology. The result is that this laser sensor is appropriate for non-contact measurement.

III. Industrial Machines

Industrial machines use lasers to manufacture products on a massive scale. Laser systems are used in aerospace, automotive, machine tools, metalworking, and electrical industries. Laser systems have been incorporated into many new products every day.

IV. Playing Games & Watching Movies

From massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft to handheld games like Brain Age, gaming has never been better or more exciting. One common thread? You guessed it: lasers!

A major application of lasers is in playing games. Laser games are usually played between two teams, using a red laser pointer that sits on top of a wire. This pointer has to be aimed by keeping it steady on an object without touching it to kill opponents by scoring points. At some points, players might have to identify their teammates and enemies based on how their pointer acts due to changes in colour or pattern.

V. Laser Surgery in Your Future?

If you’re planning on having laser surgery performed on your eyes, you may be curious about what kind of instruments are being used. You might even wonder how they work and if they are safe for use in such a delicate area.

While there was a time when eye surgeons had to rely on older technology like scalpels and forceps during these procedures, innovations have made them more comfortable and more precise than ever before. Laser surgery can also treat sunspots, warts, moles, and tattoos. Laser treatments effectively eliminate skin scars, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. Remove redness and swollen blood vessels.