Sushi, kimono, anime, sumo – these words have long come into use and become common knowledge, but what else, besides them, do we know about the distant Land of the Rising Sun? For many centuries, Japan remained closed for tourists and travellers, and when it nevertheless opened its doors to everyone, it surprised the world with many interesting, original, and even strange customs and traditions.

Popular Board Games

Board games in Japan were played for a very long time and were the main entertainment of the samurai. Although many rulers believed that they distracted soldiers from studying combat science, no one dared to prohibit them, and after that table games were perceived as the way to enlighten the samurai’s mind and give him strategic qualities. Some of these games can be played at modern Japanese casinos online that are quite popular today.

Image: Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

So, among the most popular table games we can recall the following:

  • Shogi is one of the oldest oriental mind games. It was brought from China in the eighth century and is the prototype of the chaturanga, the common Indian ancestor of European chess and shogi. Now, over twenty million Japanese play this game.
  • Less popular, played by about seven million people, is Go. Now it is considered a Japanese game, but in fact, it was brought to Japan from China.
  • Mahjong is a popular game in Japan and China. The game is a bit similar to American poker. The rules of mahjong are very intricate and detailed, constantly changing from country to country. The game requires a lot of attention, but it is not considered intellectual, as its outcome depends entirely on chance.
  • Renju is a popular board game. The rules of the game have been constantly changing since it first came to Japan in the third century.

Popular Gambling Games

Pachinko is the general name for gambling on slot machines installed in crowded places in Japan. Actually, these are the famous “one-armed bandits” that can now be found in the best Asian casinos. They appeared in Japan after World War II and became a popular pastime for Japanese gamblers.

Card games are a relatively new type of entertainment that has developed in recent years. We are talking about card games like Magic: the Gathering. These games are based on the idea of a ​​magic battle, which uses specially selected decks of cards of many varieties. A card can mean a spell, a monster, a game effect, and so on. First of all, an optimally matched and composed deck gives victory. At the same time, cards are sold in random sets in a sealed form. Therefore, to find the strongest and rarest cards, you must either buy them from other players or buy sets for a very long time. Naturally, complex black and grey card markets emerge around these games, and building a strong deck takes time and money.

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Of course, the Japanese don’t mind playing blackjack, poker, or baccarat, but most often they give their preference to pachinko or online slot machines.

 Modern Entertainment

The development of computer technologies had a revolutionary impact on the modern culture of the country, in particular, on the pastime and entertainment of its residents. This also affected how modern Japanese have fun today.

Games created by Nintendo, previously unknown to anyone, are extremely popular today. The company made a real revolution, having managed to release not primitive shooters, but games with a well-developed plot, excellent visual design, and cool characters. The earliest and most famous Nintendo games are Super Mario and Donkey Kong.

Please gamble responsibly.