If you will visit a hardware store for finding glue for your work? You will find a lot of types, but which product should you choose, and which one is the right for your job? In this article, we are going to share some common glues and adhesives that can help you with most situations. It is important to apply them on a surface that is clean and free from dust, oil, and grease. If you need one to apply on a painted surface, then make sure that the paint is sound. If you need to find some tips on how to use them? You can search on Google.

Polyvinyl Acetate

Polyvinyl acetate or PVA is the most common type of glue that a kid uses in its school project. You can use it in your woodwork projects and repairs. It dries quickly and does not affect the look of your work. If you are using it in a wood project, then make sure to clean the excess, so it cannot leave a stain after drying. If you are working on an outdoor project? Then use one that you can paint, sand, and resistant to moisture.

For High-Strength Bonding

If you need a high-strength bond in close-fitting surfaces such as vinyl tiles and laminates? Then you need a close contact adhesive.  It can even help you fix the loose sole of your shoe. All you need is this adhesive; apply it on both surfaces and leave it for a few minutes. It does not only bring the surfaces together but also remove any air bubbles between them. You can find it in gel, spray, and liquid formats in the market.

For Construction

There are also types of adhesive available on the market that you can use in your construction and building projects. They cannot only help in binding two materials together but can also bridge gaps between them. If the two surfaces are not close-fitted, then this type of adhesive is what you need. It is available in different types, which you can use on mirrors, glasses, and other landscaping projects.


Other great adhesives to form a super-strong bond are epoxies. It is a type of glue that comes in two parts; you need to mix both of them before applying. But you need to work quickly, as it sets immediately. Moreover, you do not need to clamp both objects. Just hold them together using your hands. But, to make the bond even stronger, leave the objects for a few hours. You can use it to fix: broken ceramics, glass, and kid toys.

Hot Glue

You need an electric glue gun to apply hot glue. It comes as a stick and dries in a few minutes. It means you do not need to wait longer to finish your project. Commonly, you can use it on materials like ceramics, plastic, metal, rubber, wood, and glass. Most of the people use it commonly in their art projects.

These are some of the common types of glue that people use in their projects. Choose one that best suits your needs.

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