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Before you can access The Siege of Paris, you must have a power level of 200 and have completed either the Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire arcs. If you’ve got that far, then load up your game, and a message will appear on screen to say that visitors will be arriving at Ravensthorpe to kickstart your adventure.

You’ll also receive a letter from Randvi mentioning Toka, who has built a guesthouse in your settlement. The Siege of Paris is quite a bleak story in comparison to the rest of Valhalla, where Eivor will still have a key role as kingmaker throughout. There are also several new black-box-style missions to complete in Francia, which will put your assassin skills to the test.

There are several unique weapons to find in The Siege of Paris, including the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ulfberht sword, and seeking them out brings you one step closer to checking off a region’s wealth. In Melunois, there’s a fort in Pruvinis you’ll discover either accidentally or as part of a Rebel mission where you’ll find a treasure map that leads to the Ulfberht Sword, which is reportedly rather powerful. Unfortunately, this task won’t appear in your quest log, so it’s up to you to go on the hunt for it now or to try and remember for later.

If you leave straight from Pruvinis, it won’t take you very long to find the sword. If you head northeast from the location, you’ll find Bilhautclose to a river crossing, and in these ruins, you’ll see a bunch of dead soldiers lying around and one lone Norse Man. It would be a good idea to save your progress here before continuing. As you speak to him, it becomes clear that he killed his fellow soldiers because he wanted to keep the sword named after the late King Egbert for himself. You’ll then be presented with three options:

  • Use Charisma to get the sword (you must have Charisma level 2 or higher)
  • Pay him 3000 silver for the sword
  • Fight the Norseman

The Norseman claims that the sword makes you more powerful, and he isn’t wrong. Depending on your power cap level, the speedy swordsman can be over 500 power. Whichever way you choose to do it, Ulfberht will be yours. It’s a flawless short sword that will increase your Stun after each hit, up to ten times. Although It’s not quite as good as Joyeuse, it’s definitely one to seek out if you’re playing The Way of the Bear.

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