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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Across the world, lots of men and women are playing soccer, and just as many people enjoy watching their favorite players and teams play soccer. In England, soccer is also very popular with the Premier League being the best soccer league in the country. Below the Premier League is the English Football League, also known as the EFL, which is divided into three divisions of 24 clubs each. The second best league after the Premier League is called The Championship, the third best league is called League 1 and the fourth best league is called League 2. In this article, we will give you a status on the EFL league 2. Even though it is only the fourth best league in the English league system, it is still an interesting league with lots of exciting matches.

Who will be promoted to League 1?

The EFL League 2 consists of 24 clubs. The two teams that are placed at the bottom of the league after a season has ended will face a relegation, while the three best teams will face a promotion to League 1. The teams that are placed fourth to seventh will compete in a promotion playoff. The interesting thing about this season is the fact that the EFL 2 table is looking really tight at the top right now, and there are only six points separating Cheltenham Town at the top to Morecambe down in the seventh place. Therefore it will be quite interesting to see what three teams will promote to League 1 and what four teams will go into promotion playoffs.

Cheltenham Town suffered a disappointing defeat

At the moment, Cheltenham Town has entered the first place in the League 2, but Cambridge United and Forest Green Rovers are only one point behind. If Cheltenham Town wants to keep their position at the top, they need to get points in every match in order not to fall behind. Therefore it is also quite disappointing that Cheltenham Town suffered a defeat against Barrow AFC a couple of days ago. What is even more disappointing is the fact that Barrow AFC is currently placed almost at the bottom of the league and therefore it should have been a safe win for Cheltenham Town. Let’s hope they are able to find the strength to win the next couple of matches.

The Bolton Wanderers are on an impressive streak

Another interesting thing about the EFL League 2 right now is the Bolton Wanderers who seem to be on an impressive streak. Currently, they are unbeaten in 11 matches with nine wins out of 11 matches. This has resulted in the Bolton Wanderers now being placed sixth in the league, and therefore they have a great chance of promoting to League 1 next season. The boss of the Bolton Wanderers believes that the team is on a winning streak due to their playing style which draws similarities with Manchester City.

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