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People are often worried about giving their money to unfamiliar gambling operators when playing online slot machines. This is understandable, but slots are usually a safe form of online entertainment.

This article talks about seven of the most common misconceptions about online slot machines. For anyone unfamiliar with casino games available on the internet in Norway, one place to start is

Many of the facts about online casinos are often misunderstood, and this article will clear up the most common misconceptions around this growing industry.

Our expert on this topic, Jorgen Aasgen, whose profile you can find here, highlights the many online myths about gambling. One such myth is that it’s an excellent way of making money online. Let’s see what else he highlights.

#1: Online Gambling Is Illegal

There are, of course, illegal providers and types of gambling, but as a whole, this isn’t the case. If players are on a safe, trusted website, and do research before depositing, there should be no concerns about unsafe gambling through unregulated operators.

It’s essential to check the licensing on a website before committing to any of its online slot machines. Look for the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority’s stamp of approval, and the website should be safe.

#2: Online Gambling is Unsafe

Online casino owners know that hackers try to target their businesses. Because of this, these companies have some of the tightest security on the internet. Each operator does its best to ensure the safest experience possible for users.

With security emphasised, it would be hard for a hacker to steal a player’s information. Data, monetary transactions, and bank information are encrypted to ensure players have no reason for concern.

#3: Casinos Isolate People from the Real World

Online casinos often have chat functions and live streams, so players can talk to others the same way they would in an actual casino. These enterprises help connect people to other gamblers worldwide, which, rather than isolating, is the opposite. Players can build connections and friendships, all through online casinos.

#4: Slots Go Hot and Cold

A slot machine works through a random number generator. This makes it impossible for a previous play to affect the current one. Slots don’t go hot or cold; they run random numbers through their systems for each player’s attempt.

A slots machine can give out three payouts in a row, or none for fifty turns, or a payout every other play. There’s no rhyme or reason, and a pattern can only be discovered by looking back. There’s no way to guess what will happen next.

#5: Casinos Are Rigged

Online casinos are regulated by licensing authorities that check them for fairness. Casinos are thus extremely fair. By rigging any of the games offered, the casino would risk losing its reputation and business.

The laws and regulations for an online slot machine are strict enough that it’s not worth it for casinos to attempt to rig games. Any gambling site will be challenging to make money from because of the way games work, but casinos will publicise the odds to maintain transparency.

#6: Casinos Always Lead To Addiction and Debt

There are many online myths of people selling their homes, cars, and valuables to keep gambling, and some of those are true. However, the likelihood of this is relatively low. Most people play online slot machines for recreation. It’s a hobby and not a way to make money.

Of course, it’s possible to get addicted to gambling, and you must be vigilant. Every hobby in existence has the potential to become an unhealthy obsession, so make sure you set your limits and only play for entertainment purposes.


Hopefully, this article dispels the many myths surrounding internet-based casinos and articulates the facts about online slot machines concisely. Online gambling can be fun, safe, and legal, as long as a player remains vigilant about where and how they are playing.

Please gamble responsibly.