Believe it or not, choosing a custom software development firm that will deliver the quality of work and cooperation you desire for your software or mobile app development projects is harder than ever.

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Choosing the best development team will positively affect and improve your business in no small way, but stumbling on a software development firm that isn’t compatible with your project demands will cause more harm than good.

The end will not only result in more frustrations, but revenues, brand values, and time would be lost in the process and may not be quite holistic after the whole scenario. 

Hence, there’s a need to follow a certain guideline or look for certain features in your outsourcing partner before embarking on your project with them. 

You should double-check the budgets, time zones, cultural differences, and other best points before choosing your custom software development agency 

So, to help you reduce the risk of running into the wrong hands and chasing after shadows, Hanna Schnaider, an expert in guest post topics, created a checklist you can always go to whenever you are ready to choose a software developer.

Without much ado, let’s dive in. 

1. Begin with your organizational goals and your project requirements

I know there’s a high potential to start running around to find an outsourcing partner for your software projects, even when you’ve not got the project all figured out. 

However, this can be disastrous and your project could end in shambles. 

Instead, you want to ensure you have clearly defined goals and project requirements so you can easily find the custom software development company that is well equipped to deliver.

Among other things, ensure you:

  • Identify your business needs. Make adequate effort to find out what you really want and go from there.
  • Prepare an outline. Next, prepare an outline that contains a written document about the problems and what you intend to achieve. 
  • Engage your employees. Find out which department needs the software the most and ask them what they need exactly, then, analyze the problem and evaluate the solution. 
  • Find the software team that best understands your needs. Based on your analysis, look for a custom software development company that vividly understands what you want. Make sure you partner with an outsourcing partner who has the basic knowledge of the challenges that come along as the project progresses. 

2. Technical know-how and experience

“Experience, they say, is the best teacher”. Before setting out to choose your outsourcing partner, it’s also crucial that you evaluate their years of experience and the project they’ve completed that is similar to yours. 

You should make some important research about the software house you want to hire. Common things you can look out for:

  • Reviews 
  • Team background
  • Similar projects
  • Clients history

For instance, you can find out about the company on review sites such as or

These sites hold great and trustworthy information about different companies from all around the world and you can easily find out what your outsourcing company has to offer.

Additionally, you can reach out to previous clients the software development company has worked with and ask relevant questions.

3. Budget and Rates

Another important factor you need to put into consideration when choosing a software firm is the cost. 

You want to ensure your budget fits perfectly into the company’s rates. Be sure to reach out to as many as possible software firms to compare their rates and delivery time. 

You should also check out their delivery time, technological stack, and flexibility before concluding with their prices so you’re sure your project is with the right firm. 

Some companies offer an Agile approach which means that they deliver the product as soon as possible and may come with other few perks such as paying only for hours spent on projects and so on. 

The key is to go with the company whose rates align with your estimated budget.

However, resist the temptation of going with companies that charge low, their quality of work may suck. 

4. Technological stack

You might be tempted to go with any software company as long as they fit rightly into your budget. However, you should consider their technological stack before getting to hire them. 

Professional software houses don’t force their clients to adopt available technologies. Instead, they offer a wide range of quality technologies that are tailored to the specific needs of the client’s project. 

It makes no sense to hire a company working with Node.js when you want to build a front-end in React. 

Above all things, you want to hire a focused custom software development company that specialized in specific technologies.

Some company’s landing pages are littered with different logos which portrays that they can use a lot of technologies. 

Don’t try to hire those companies as it’s hard to find any company that is an expert in different languages. 

5. Choose a similar-sized company

The golden rule of outsourcing emphasizes the importance of choosing an outsourcing software development firm that has a size similar to yours. 

Choose a company that is too big and you end up having a communication problem and other technical issues after embarking on the project with them. 

A company that is too small, on the other hand, may not have the required experience and versatility to deliver to your taste. 

A company with a size similar to yours will offer you top-notch customer service and as well treat you and your project as being very important. 

You want to find out from their portfolio the sizes of companies they’ve worked with, check if they typically deal with companies of your size, and go from there.   

6. Communication is as important as anything else

The majority of offshore outsourcing problems stem from bad communication. 

Make no mistake, this doesn’t always refer to speaking the same language as your outsourcing company, It solely depends on the communication habits of the outsourcing firm. 

How attentive to details are they?

What are their channels of communication?

I’ve seen a lot of challenges stem from hiring a software company who claimed to be speaking the same language as the client’s, yet they delivered below the client’s expectation.

According to a report from Accenture, communication and quality of service the outsourcing firm is delivering are more important things anyone who wants to outsource software development projects should consider, not the price.

The communication habits of your potential software developer plays an important role in the success of your software development projects at large. 

If the potential software team fails to reply to a message you sent about four days ago, that’s a pointer that they aren’t a good fit for your project. 


Hiring an outsourcing firm can transform your business in no small way when you follow the guidelines in this post cautiously. 

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