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For many people, the morning is a sacred time when most of the world is sleeping, the birds are only just awake, and the whole day lies ahead with bounds of possibility. Creating a morning routine is one way to make the most of this peaceful time and to feel your best.

Why Develop a Morning Routine?

For a lot of individuals having a routine to follow helps them establish a healthy lifestyle. But, these routines shouldn’t be stressful or rigid, quite the opposite. The morning is ideal for carving out some time for self-care. In a world as busy and pressure-filled as ours, managing emotions, physical health, social life and your career can feel impossible.

A morning routine is a commitment to yourself to prevent burnout in all areas of your life.

In the first moments when you wake up, your mind takes time to come out of its deep slumber. This state of mind can be very influential and lead to the way to real change throughout your life. Being conscious and aware of what you take in during those moments is a positive first step to cultivating calm and contentment.

Popular Morning Routine Ideas:

  • Mindfulness meditation – cultivate calm, de-stress and develop greater self-awareness through meditation.
  • Movement – inviting in some gentle movements like yoga and stretching can help build muscle and strength. Ideal for alleviating discomfort.
  • Eating and drinking – the morning is a great time to sip on a smoothie, increase your water intake and prepare a nutritious breakfast.
  • Make the bed – arguably the best way to start your day. Completing a small achievable task may kick-start your day in a positive way.
  • Practising gratitude – giving thanks for the people, things and opportunities in your life is an excellent way to switch to a growth mindset and look for the positives in everyday life.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

You may have tried creating a morning routine, but the need for your warm bed always gets the better of you. If this sounds familiar, keep reading for five ways to upgrade your morning.

#1 No Phone Policy

Reducing your use of technology and devices in the morning is like sending a signal to your subconscious that you’re prioritising yourself. Going on your phone can waste energy and set the tone for how your day will go. When we allow ourselves to check our phones first thing in the morning, it invites anxieties and symbolises that other people’s lives are more important than yours.

Upgrade your morning by staying off your devices for a set amount of time. Allocating this ‘no phone’ period will make space for your self-care activities.

#2 Water Intake

It’s not just digital intake to consider. Starting your morning routine with a glass of water may boost mental clarity and improve skin. Most of all, after sleeping for an average of 8 hours, your body is dehydrated, and a glass of water is a nutritious way to fix it.

#3 Do Something that Brings You Joy

One of the primary reasons people create morning routines is to do more things they love. For example, some people enjoy reading in the morning to get their creative juices flowing, while others may enjoy mindfulness meditation to cultivate more calm. Alternatively, some people use their morning for self-development, such as through journaling, gratitude and learning.

When your day-to-day life is full of other priorities, whether that be work, study or family, it can be challenging to set aside some time for yourself. Even a short 10-minute joyful activity can make a world of difference to your quality of living.

#4 Try Supplements to Boost your Well-Being

Sometimes you need an extra push to maintain a positive mood, get a proper night of rest or reduce physical discomfort. Trying a supplement like CBD could help ease your mind and body through relaxation.

To reap potential effects, some people refer to CBD gummies benefits, consume infused capsules, tinctures or apply topicals, while others enjoy adding this supplement to their morning coffee or tea for a calming pick-me-up.

#5 Prepare the Night Before

Try to make your mornings as easy as possible by preparing some things the previous evening. Keeping your morning tasks to a minimum allows more time for you. Some things you may prepare include laying out a yoga mat ready to roll straight onto when you wake, choosing your outfit for the day, making a to-do list, or preparing breakfast. When these small tasks are already completed, it can make your day feel more seamless and stress-free.

Tips for Enjoying Your Morning

To get the most from your morning, it’s important to remember these key things:

  • Follow your intuition: When you wake up, take a moment to listen to what your mind and body need. Some people find their routines become rigid as they start working on autopilot. Sometimes it is beneficial to take it day by day to figure out what you need each morning. Finding what activities feel good is an excellent way to add more joy to your routine.
  • Be realistic: The age of social media has us seeing thousands of people showing off their “perfect morning”, and while they may inspire you, don’t forget that each person is different. It may sound efficient to wake up at 6 am every day, but if you’re a night owl, this isn’t a sustainable option for you. Be realistic with what you need and want. If it means waking up at 8 am to start your morning routine, then make it your own!
  • Practise self-kindness: When you approach a new task, or you’re developing a new routine, always try to be kind to yourself. No one develops a routine overnight, it’s a process. If you wake up late or miss a day, simply try again with grace. Removing shame from the equation will make it a much more enjoyable process.

Key Takeaways

It is true that self-care has become essential in our everyday lives. Combating the stressors of work, relationships and self-development has become overwhelming for many people. Dedicating a small chunk of time to yourself each day is a fantastic way to care for your mental health. This article has explored how best to utilise your morning to feel your best – we hope it has inspired you to invite some pockets of joy into everyday life.