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Earlier this year, the U.S. Triple Crown Series made several adjustments to the schedules of its races due to the Coronavirus outbreak. After major considerations, the Belmont Stakes had settled last June 2020 as the first leg instead of taking the final show. Through this, some of the strongest colts won the show and will head on the next segments.

On September 5, 2020, the Kentucky Derby is expected to commence, which is the middle part of the Triple Crown show. It is anticipated that the Belmont Stakes big placers will run in the Derby. Besides, the horses who completed the prep-races in the past six months are also joining the upcoming Run For The Roses.

While the Kentucky Derby comes closer, the fans are getting excited to witness this event. Aside from that, the bettors are also looking forward to the numerous betting games that the Derby will bring. Hence, as you are on your way of choosing the deserving Derby winners, here are some techniques when you bet the Kentucky Derby online.

Love The Favorites

As mentioned, the Belmont Stakes is done, and some of the horses who appeared best in the predictions won the show. These horses have shown their real agility inside the field, allowing them to earn their respective placements. Apart from that, they were also big winners in the betting, which made some bettors earn considerably.

In the upcoming Kentucky Derby, there is little doubt in my mind that these Belmont Stakes winners can possibly win. You should bet on these favorites as they have a higher chance of winning. It is because the Derby racecourse is shorter than the Belmont Stakes. It means that if they made it to the Belmont with the longest-running distance, they might do better in the Derby.

Keep An Eye To Derby-Prep Racing Winners

For a racehorse to be eligible in running for the upcoming Kentucky Derby, they must either win in notable races or earn points via Derby-prep races. A colt must garner at least 20 qualifying points to get an automatic spot. The Derby-prep races were all completed, which started last January.

Hence, if you are looking for your next Kentucky Derby winner to bet on, consider the horses who shine in the Derby-prep races. Like the favorites, they also have higher chances of winning the title. They also offer impressive odds value and payouts, so the best option may be to gamble for these horses.

Wager On Straight Bets

Every bettor goal when netting the Triple Crown show, especially the Kentucky Derby, is to win and go home with more earnings. Although there are many betting categories you can gamble in the Derby, you can back on a straight bet. These bets only require you to lay out a few pennies, and the potential payout looks great.

Straight bets include gambling for the Win, Place, and Show. These categories only allow you to pick the deserving winner or the horses that can come out as runners-up. The only pressure you deal when gambling for the straight bets is to pick the deserving winners on the field.

Utilize The Most Popular Online Bookies

Although Churchill Downs Inc. has initially announced that they will expect fans to see the Derby amidst COVID-19 pandemic, betting games must settle online. It is to ensure that the influx of bettors lining up at the cashier is avoided as part of the social distancing measures imposed by the state.

When you bet for the upcoming Derby online,  make sure to use highly trusted and popular bookies. You can ensure that these bookies have done legit gambling business for the U.S. Triple Crown, and the payout process is real-time. Apart from that, they have impressive odds value and added promotions and bonuses.

Know Your Limits

Betting the Derby this year can be exciting because of its placement. It means that Belmont Stakes winners and pre-Derby finishers can shine best. In this case, you might get overwhelmed by betting too much, knowing that the entries you choose might reach the finish line victorious.

However, it is discouraged to bet too much, and you must understand your limits. Make sure that you only gamble what you can afford to lose. Also, when you win and lose a lot, you must know when to stop playing.


The betting games in the upcoming Kentucky Derby will take your breath away as the participants come stronger than you initially know them. These horses have been working hard during their idle time, making sure they earn the Derby title. Therefore, as you gamble in the Run For The Roses, don’t forget to apply the tips above to win the day.

Please gamble responsibly.

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