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What do you mean by future in Forex Trading?

Forex futures are the future contracts which are standardized to buy or sell currency at a particular specified contract size, date and time. These contracts are actually traded in the future exchanges all around the globe. Future contracts are not customizable and are traded publicly. There are intermediary Cleaning houses which guarantees these contacts against loss of credits. 

Forex futures are being traded in the future exchanges and the most known centers around the world are: Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) group. CME bears the largest number of future contracts that are really worthwhile. We mostly use Forex futures for Hedging and Speculating activity.

Reasons to use Futures for Forex Trade are:

Plethora of Trading opportunities and full transparency

In comparison to other trading processes, trading in the future helps you to get an opportunity to make money on macro trends of the market behaviour. You actually do not need extensive research to start investing in futures. It is just a matter of analysis. Moreover there are proper regulations that are operated by a center which keeps full transparency in the trading market and you can trade easily.

Leverage availability

Trading in future allows you to get the ability required to control contacts of high values and that too with much lesser investment. So, what is leverage? Leverage is actually the utilization of the borrowed money for the purpose of investment. The availability of leverage in case of future trading is more and it thus provides the buyers flexibility to purchase and encourages persuasion of bold profitable decisions. They can receive outstanding returns and are one of the best investments believed by multiple buyers and sellers.

Prolonged business hours

The trading of futures can be done for 24 hours on five days. The business hours have been extended and the entire system has been digitised making the process extremely easy and accessible to most of the users. The timings have become more accessible and the people can engage themselves in any of the timing sessions like that of the US, Europe and many more. The prolonged business hours has increased the investing flexibility of all the traders.

Multiple Strategic opportunities

There are multiple strategic opportunities available to the users. The enhanced business policies, amazing schemes, flexible business hours, greater leverage, wide variety and availability of products is driving the Forex future market into a crazy pathway. Volatility and risk involved in the market is reduced with the help of forex futures. You can even actively buy and sell the products based on your necessity opening an all new horizon of newer strategies. 

Lower Minimum Account balance

The minimum account balance for trading Future is much less as compared to any other trading. For opening other trading accounts a lump sum money is required and taken as a loan to start the trading but for Future trading only an amount called as margin is required to maintain the minimum requirement of the business which is less than half the amount required for other trading options.


With all the advantages that we found in the Forex future market, professional traders have started to invest more in the Forex future. Most of the trading markets have been liquid markets and Future market is growing to prominence with its own vigour. Most of the people are shifting to this market to gain more. There are a huge number of buyers and sellers who are much involved in the future market. There are advantages on tax in the near future if you are part of the 

Forex future market. So keep growing with Forex Future. Best of luck and if you are not get started today!