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The brain is one of the most vital organs in the body and when you start to use it or as you age, it starts to deteriorate but you can stop it by keeping your brain busy, active, agile, and sharp. You can reduce the cognitive decline and make your brain more active than before just by playing some game, that can tease your brain and make you use that brain of yours to keep it active and sharp.

You don’t have to put much effort or work, you can even start right now by playing brain teaser games that can decrease your cognitive decline and make your brain sharp and agile.

Here are 5 Brain Teaser Logic Games You Should Play which will help boost your mental power:


Chess is one of the games that are totally strategy based and you cannot develop a strategy without using your brain. People who have been playing chess for quite a while have developed two special traits that aren’t found in ordinary people and these are; Fluid Intelligence and Processing Speed Speed.

Not only are they able to tackle new problems without any difficulty but they can also make use of their brain to solve the problems and with fast processing speeds, they are able to respond to the challenges efficiently. Not to mention that your planning skills are improved and all of these have a deep impact on your real life.


Sudoku, one of the most popular numbers games out there is a game that can boost your mental power. Just like physical exercise, mental exercise is as important, and playing brain teaser games such as Sudoku can definitely boost your mental power.

Sudoku is known to not only improve your memory and logic, but it also makes sure that your mind is active and also improves your concentration power which lets you focus on things for a longer period. It is also studied that by keeping your brain active, the chances of developing Alzheimer’s are reduced drastically. Sudoku will keep your mind sharp and agile and it is a game that is both fun to play and also good for your mental health.


Scrabble is one of the most popular board games in the world and since it became popular, it is a must-have item for most households in the US and there are reasons why people prefer to play Scrabble because it is not only fun to play but also has health benefits.

Scrabble is known to boost your mental power and decrease the risks of developing mental illnesses. It also keeps your mind sharp and agile, not to mention your learning and memorizing power which improves drastically while playing Scrabble because much of the game is concerned with your memory and how good are you able to memorize different words in different situations.


Crosswords are not only a good way to spend your free time but are also good for your brain. Studies have shown that playing crossword puzzles on a regular basis can have a positive impact on your brain because it improves your memory and brain function.

For people who have brain damage, playing crosswords can improve their mental function and also their verbal and problem-solving ability. Crossword Puzzles are also known to keep your brain active, sharp, agile, and also prevents the development of Alzheimer’s in older patients. You not only learn new words but you also learn how to deal with problems, both in the puzzles and in real life too.


Checkers is another brain teaser game that involves your focus and attention and is known to be good for mental health. Checkers is not only a fun way to overcome boredom but it can also improve your memory, your judgment skills along with your concentration, and patience skills.

By playing checkers, you learn how to be patient and how to wait for the perfect moment to make the right move. It teaches you effective strategies that you can use in different aspects of life. You learn how to remain focused and how to tackle different situations and all of these keep your mind active and fit and boost your mental health.

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