Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world where brands and local businesses alike advertise their wares and products. It has over 2 billion users, which makes it a social media platform that businesses, brands, social media influencers, and everyday users can use to bring themselves to the limelight and attract customers.

Meanwhile, one of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram account so you can make sales is to buy followers. This article will discuss the 3 best websites where you can buy Instagram followers in Australia.

Let’s see the first on the list of these websites:

1. is an Australian-based website that helps you get famous instantly on social media platforms – including Instagram. It is a website where you’ll get to buy Instagram followers, likes, & views. Not only for Instagram, even can you buy followers and likes for Facebook and TikTok as well. The followers you will buy from are real followers who are active and will engage with your Instagram content.

Features of for Buying Australian Instagram Followers

24/7 support is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers Australia in 2023 because they have a team that is readily available round-the-clock to reply to customers’ inquiries. Whether you want to inquire about the cost of buying Instagram followers or other related issues, their customer support team will attend to you.

Customer’s privacy will not share your account information with any third party because they respect their customer’s privacy. They won’t also ask for your account password, rather, you are only required to make your account public.

Real followers only sells real followers to their customers. They do not sell bots or fake followers who will not engage your Instagram posts.

Responsive website

The website is responsive and easy to navigate. When you want to buy Instagram followers, just click on the “Buy Instagram Followers” button on the website, then choose the package you want and proceed to make your payment.


The 2nd on the list of the best places to buy Instagram followers Australia is is another Australian-based website that sells Instagram followers to people who want to grow their Instagram audience. sells only real and active Instagram followers who will always engage with your content and posts on Instagram.

Features of for Buying Instagram Followers

Active and real followers

Every follower you buy from is a real and active follower. does not sell fake bots or followers that will not engage your posts on Instagram

Fast delivery

When you place an order to buy Instagram followers on, they will process your order immediately so people will start following your Instagram account as soon as possible.

Mobile-friendly website works well on mobile and is easy to use. Click on the service you want to buy and it will direct you to the checkout page to make payment.

Good customer support has a customer assistance team that is always available to attend to their customers’ queries. They are professionals and are dedicated to solving the problems customers might encounter while using their services.


The 3rd on the list of the best places to buy Australian Instagram Followers in 2023 is It is an Australian-based website that sells Instagram likes, views, and followers.

They sell Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter followers. sells only real Instagram followers who can engage with your Instagram posts by viewing, liking and commenting on them.

Features of for Buying Australian Followers

Instant delivery will not keep you waiting. They render their services faster. You will start getting new followers some minutes after you place your order on the website.

24/7 customer assistance has a customer care team that is available 24/7. They are competent and resolve customers’ issues as quickly as possible.

Easy-to-navigate website is easy to navigate. The website has good graphics and works well on mobile, making it easy to use.

Active and real followers sells only active and real followers that will follow and engage your Instagram posts. They do not sell fake bots or followers.

How to Buy Instagram Followers Australia

Follow this process to get Australian followers on your Instagram account:

1.     Choose your preferred package

Click on the “Buy Instagram Followers” button on the website and it will take you to the page where you will select the package of your choice.

For There are multiple packages you can choose from – ranging from $3 for 100 Instagram followers to $110 for 15,000 Instagram followers.

For Packages ranging from $3 for 100 Instagram followers to $105 for 15,000 followers are available.

For Multiple packages are also available – ranging from $3 for 100 followers to $85 for 10,000 followers.

Note: The package you will choose depends on the number of followers you want and your budget.

2.     Proceed to checkout

After choosing the package you want, it’s time to pay. Proceed to make payment for the package you choose on the payment gateway available on the website. In this process, you will need to fill in your card details to place your order. You can also use coupon codes if you have any.

3.     Enter your Instagram account information

After making payment, you have to provide the necessary Instagram account information they need to allow people to follow you on Instagram – including your username or account link.

4.     Make your Instagram account public

After placing an order to buy Instagram followers, the next thing you should do is to make your Instagram account public to allow people to follow you. Note that people cannot follow you if your account is set to ‘private.’

Things to Look Out for to Ensure You’re Buying Real Instagram Followers Australia

If you want to buy Instagram followers from a website, take note of the following things:

  • Ensure that the website has an SSL connection. A website having an SSL connection means that the site is secure and using your payment information on it is safe.
  • Check for good reviews from customers who have used the website in the past.
  • A website that feeds Instagram followers slowly over time is more genuine. It will make your Instagram account growth look more organic.
  • Use a website that has a reliable standby customer care team that will be available to attend to customers 24/7.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Have Any Benefits?

Yes, numerous advantages come with purchasing Instagram followers. Some of them are:

It boosts social proof

Having a large number of followers on Instagram can make your profile look prominent and famous, which can draw more organic followers to your account. Acquiring Instagram followers from Superviral will make you look like an authority in your field or niche, which will make you stand out.

It brings about a high level of engagement

Buying Instagram followers allows you to have a large number of followers which can boost your profile, making it appear on top of Instagram feeds. Your posts appearing on top of Instagram feeds means people will interact with them more by viewing, liking, and commenting.

It makes your brand not come off as new

Paying for Instagram followers will increase your followership, which will make your brand and profile not look like a new one. This will throw business opportunities open for you because a lot of brands and companies may like to hire you to run ads for them or give you endorsements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I acquire Australian Instagram followers?

You can purchase Australian Instagram followers from any of the websites mentioned above. They all have a variety of options that will suit your needs.

How much does it cost to buy 1000 Instagram followers?

It costs between $11-14 to buy 1000 Instagram followers who are real and active. Remember that you need to make sure that the followers you are buying are real and active, as this will increase the lifespan of your account and the credibility of your content.

Why invest in Instagram followers?

One of the best ways to grow your business and reach more people is through social media. By buying Instagram Followers, you are helping your account to be seen by more people and grow faster.

Is it possible for Instagram to ban you, for purchasing followers from a website?

No, buying Instagram followers from websites won’t get you banned. You can buy followers from websites like,, and to increase your Instagram audience.

Is purchasing Instagram followers legal in Australia?

Purchasing Instagram followers in Australia is legitimate, it’s not illegal and not prohibited by any local or national law. Australians who want to have more followers on their Instagram accounts can buy from vendors or websites that sell social media followers.

Where to buy real Instagram followers?

The three best sites to buy Instagram followers in 2023 mentioned above sell real Instagram followers. Remember to always read the reviews of the websites to get a better idea of what kind of service they offer and be sure to choose a website that provides quality followers at a fair price.

Is there a way people will know that I bought Instagram followers?

No, people won’t know because no Instagram algorithm shows whether a particular follower followed you organically or through paid means. Nobody will know that you purchased Instagram followers except you.

The people that will follow you on Instagram when you pay for followers have real profiles, accounts, and posts, just like those who were following you before. Hence, if you buy new followers from any of these websites, your previous followers won’t know about it. They will only notice that you now have more Instagram followers, which will help to boost your social proof.

Is buying Instagram followers a bad idea?

Not necessarily. Buying followers on Instagram can actually be a great way to boost your account’s reputation and grow your following. However, don’t buy followers just for the sake of it – make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Cheap followers may not be reliable, and could damage your account’s credibility.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to buy followers for your Instagram account, it is crucial to do that through a reputable website. Websites like,, and sell active and real followers who will follow you on Instagram and interact with your posts by viewing, liking, and commenting on them.

Even though, these top websites are reviewed by many popular magazines and news websites including Deccan Herald, Outlook India and State-Journal etc. You may also read our review of best sites to buy Facebook likes & followers on our website.