Thursday 17th April 2014, 19:24 BST | Cambridge,UK

Union delivered £0 cheque

Two Cambridge students who were fined by the Cambridge Union Society when their protest at the visit of Minister for Universities David Willetts was deemed "obscene" have defied the ruling with another stunt.  In response to the Union’s demand that they each pay £20 for unfurling a banner reading ‘Fuck Off Willetts’ during the MP’s talk, Conrad Landin Read more…


Trinity triumphs

Trinity’s University Challenge team restore wounded pride from the boat race, beating Oxford by a comfortable margin

Speak out against sexual harassment

There’s still time to fill in the Varsity-CUSU Women’s Campaign survey on sexual harassment in Cambridge

EDL calls for Cambridge demo

The far-right party objects to opposition raised to plans for new student flats near the mosque

Students sing ‘build a bonfire’ at Osborne

Anger as non-King’s students are banned from college during the visit of the Chancellor

Call for cycle superhighway

Huppert has called for a 77-mile cycle route to Oxford alongside the Varsity train


Interview: Holly McNish

Rivkah Brown speaks to the former King’s student and successful spoken word poet.

Toys come alive in The LEGO Movie

Louis Shankar asks whether the film is product placement or quality cinema.

Hollywood and The Art of the Award

Helena Pike examines the Academy Awards, and asks how Hollywood plays the Oscar game

Cambridge music: Not our forte?

Jackson Caines asks why the music scene in Cambridge isn’t all it should be

Things I’ve learnt from awards season

Fiona Stainer hopes that the hours devoted to surveying the red carpet have not been in vain


Why care about the NUS?

Fresh back from conference, NUS delegate Kevin Chang laments the blandness of the student union’s proposals.

Domestic violence is never ‘in Vogue’

The glamourisation of domestic abuse in the recent Vogue Italia shoot is shocking, argues Jilly Luke

No make-up selfie scepticism

Sarah Lusack takes issue with the gendered, throwaway nature of the latest social media trend

The price of ignorance: we, too, are Cambridge?

Sogo Akintaro argues unacknowledged prejudices are destined to inform our behaviour

In the name of charity: no-makeup selfies

Despite the cynicism and vanity, no makeup selfies are making a difference


Heartbreak and the boatrace

Matthew Worth examines what went wrong for the light blues in Oxford’s 11-length victory, the biggest since 1973

Oxford women win by four lengths

Second straight victory for the Dark Blues in the last women’s race to be held at Henley

Grand Prix: technology, talent and spectacle

With new rules, new drivers, and cutting edge engineering, F1 is as exciting and relevant as ever

Ice Hockey Blues valiant in varsity defeat

Light Blue men suffer first defeat of 2014 as sharp-shooter Kroshus stars again

Falcons stage Varsity comeback

Men’s second team overcome 2-0 deficit to shock Oxford as Varsity domination continues


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