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Beckhams spotted in Cambridge

Just two days ago, the Beckham family were seen punting down the river Cam. David Beckham and their sons Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo were in one punt with Victoria’s parents, while she was in another punt with their daughter Harper.

Other highlights of the family’s trip to Cambridge included a visit to the Varsity Rooftop Bar, and meeting Stephen Hawking. Brooklyn Beckham posted a picture of himself with the professor on Instagram, calling it “an honour”.

A spokesperson for Lets Go Punting said this was just an ordinary booking, “but we don’t normally get people like this – they are[Read full story]


Brexit?: The dangers of the ‘Spitfire mentality’

The years 2014 to 2018 mark the centenary of the First World War – an anniversary Britain is honouring with four years of remembrance ceremonies, TV documentaries, drama, theatre and events, all designed to commemorate the sacrifice of a generation in one of the most horrific conflicts in human history.

As well as being the hundredth anniversary of battles such as Passchendaele, Cambrai and the Nivelle Offensive, 2017 is also the year of Britain’s referendum on European Union membership. Surely, the conflict this country is currently remembering demonstrates, more clearly than any of the arguments put forward by our politicians[Read full story]


A glass of wine and a sketchpad: the perfect combination

Last Friday saw the Museum of Classical Archaeology open their doors after hours for the much anticipated Drink and Draw event. Set in a peaceful, light and airy space, it was the ideal place to unwind, wandering round the museum with a glass of wine and a sketchpad, counselled by artists Susie Olczak and Loukas Morley, on hand to provide tips and guidance for those who wanted it. There was an enthusiastic turnout and, at times, even long queues to get in.

The sheer number of people who attended, given impending exams, was striking. Even in a regular term, the hectic pace of Cambridge life[Read full story]


Why are UK mothers dying during pregnancy and childbirth?

Despite its status as a developed country, women in the UK face an alarmingly high risk of dying during pregnancy or childbirth.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), most maternal deaths occur in developing countries and are highest amongst low-income mothers, mothers under the age of 15, and mothers living in rural rather than urban areas. Nevertheless, Save the Children’s 16th annual Mothers’ Index, which assesses the well-being of mothers and children in 179 countries, reports that women in the UK face a one in 6,900 lifetime risk of dying during pregnancy or birth. This risk is more than[Read full story]


Film: The New Girlfriend

It’s been established that reviews should steer clear of spoilers but trust me on this one. No amount of spoilers here could butcher the story quite as effectively as the director, François Ozon, does. Without them you might spend actual money on this film.

The first thing that is immediately striking is the rapid fire length of the shots. The opening scenes are the cinematic version of someone narrating a story on speed. At points you feel like you’re watching a film made out of Vines. The whole opening seems like some tiresome routine that Ozon has to get out of the way. What should[Read full story]


Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Dear Agony Uncle,

Last summer I leant across to the woman sitting next to me on a flight to Australia and attempted to break the awkward silence when I saw she was reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, and leaned over with a conspiratorial wink and the line ‘ah, I see you share my interest in sadomasochistic pornography.’ The awkwardness of the ensuing 24 hours still haunts every living and sleeping second of my existence. Please help me find a way out of this torment.

Dear painter/decorator,

I share a similar enthusiasm for Farrow & Ball’s grey paint catalogue. F &[Read full story]


Women’s sport: inferior and justifiably so?

This summer, Canada will host the seventh women’s football World Cup and the tournament will mark something of a milestone in terms of media coverage. The BBC announced in November that they will be broadcasting every game across the BBC Two and BBC Three channels, as well as on their Red Button service and on the BBC Sport website.

Such an announcement indicated a clear step-change from the arrangements in place for the previous edition of the women’s World Cup, which was held in Germany in 2011. Over the course of that tournament, all but one of the 32 matches[Read full story]


Preview: Seven Words for Love

Love shapes our lives. The act of love creates us, our choice of partner binds us, the force of attraction moves us, self-respect sustains us.  Up and coming local theatre company Twisted Willow Theatre explores love in Cambridge today using the wisdom of the ancient Greeks in its unique new play Seven Words for Love coming to Corpus Playroom from Tuesday 26th until Saturday 30th May.

Artistic Director Richard McNally selected seven local writers and assigned them each one of the many Greek words for love  – agape (love of humanity), storge (love of family), pragma (enduring love), philautia (self-respect), philia[Read full story]


Trinity May Ball headliner announced

Trinity May Ball headliner announced

The much-anticipated headline act for the 149th Trinity May Ball has finally been unveiled

Interview: Hesham Mashhour

Interview: Hesham Mashhour

Margot Speed talks to Hesham Mashhour about CUSU LGBT+, Get Real. and this week’s referendum

CUSU LGBT+ civil war over Get Real.

CUSU LGBT+ civil war over Get Real.

Chair Jack Renshaw has announced that a referendum is being held to strip Mashhour of the editorship as Renshaw’s predecessor wades in

‘NO Exclusive & Sexist Societies’ campaign reaches 150 signatures

Cambridge students have launched a campaign petitioning the university to ban so-called ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ and drinking societies

Doing Business, the Autistic Way

A Cambridge based entrepreneur hopes to team up with Richard Branson to raise awareness of autism


A glass of wine and a sketchpad: the perfect combination

A glass of wine and a sketchpad: the perfect combination

Sammy Love finds her faith restored in the Cambridge art scene

Do successful writers need to be internet-famous first?

Do successful writers need to be internet-famous first?

Whilst the internet can be a great tool for aspiring writers, Mariam Ansar argues we need to be wary of its influence

Why does no one write poetry for kids anymore?

Why does no one write poetry for kids anymore?

Children’s poetry is too important to be so increasingly marginalised, argues Jeremy Wikeley

Beauty and the Remake

Genevieve Cox defends Disney’s latest productions

Bookshop: the Market Square bookstalls

This week, Harry Cochrane stalls his revision and finds both value for money and some unexpected discoveries.


Brexit?: The dangers of the 'Spitfire mentality'

Brexit?: The dangers of the ‘Spitfire mentality’

As Britain commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the First World War, Thomas Parsons-Munn asks how it can inform our decisions on EU membership

It’s time to talk about anorexia

Isla Cowan talks candidly about coming to terms with anorexia

Britain’s electoral system is broken – and the Opposition may be the answer

In the fallout following this month’s General Election, much has been made of the need for electoral reform. Now, Harry Curtis suggests a solution

Please make my May Week worth it!

Under pressure to have fun entirely organised by other students, Millie Paine wonders whether the price of May Week is too high

We should care about gay marriage

The significance of legalising gay marriage is in its symbolic value, argues Clara Strandhoj


Women's sport: inferior and justifiably so?

Women’s sport: inferior and justifiably so?

Harry Curtis explains why women’s sport is underwatched and undervalued

Splendid Isolation: English Clubs in Europe

Splendid Isolation: English Clubs in Europe

Yet another Champions League season has passed without due Premier League representation. Peter Ruzler explains why.

'Glory hunting', local teams and me

‘Glory hunting’, local teams and me

Zack Case has a moan about the psychology of football fans

Cricket: the sport of all sports?

Meggie Fairclough takes a close look at Britain’s most British sport

Being A Blue: Women’s Rowing

Fanny Belais talks boat race, training and her team


Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Weekly injection of ‘sort your life out’

Dentists: martyrs of the professional world

Dentists: martyrs of the professional world

Dentistry is one of the most honourable professions there is, says Bret Cameron

Exam term without exams: surprisingly shit

Exam term without exams: surprisingly shit

For fresher English student Isla Cowan, post-prelim life is, to quote Macbeth, ‘a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’

Cuties of the UL

Cambridge’s most dangerous dons talk fashion and politics

Agony Aunt and Uncle solve your woes

Weekly injection of ‘sort your life out’


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