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Germaine Greer: transgender women don’t know what it’s like to ‘have a big hairy smelly vagina’

“A split beaver had not been seen before”; Germaine Greer described her choice of pose for a naked photo shoot in a 1971 edition of Suck magazine to a filled union debating chamber yesterday evening.

Greer appeared unruffled by the Cambridge LGBT+ Campaign’s decision to boycott her appearance in response to her historically transphobic views, and her opposition to the appointment of transgender Professor Rachel Padman to Newnham college. Rather, she continued to expound her infamous radical feminist views with coarse language.

Despite the queue created by the heightened security measures, the atmosphere of the crowd was eager but not[Read full story]


The Holocaust: Remembering is for life

The motto of today is ‘never forget’, but I think we may be in danger of forgetting.

I don’t mean in the literal ‘we don’t know what the Holocaust was’ sense. In the last week the number of TV documentaries, news articles, Facebook posts and twitter hashtags has convinced me that this year, at least, a significant proportion of the population knows that today, 27th January, is Holocaust Memorial Day. Having attended a Council-run memorial event at the Corn Exchange on Sunday, I’ve also been convinced that this isn’t just for Jews. The secular world recognises the many genocidal disgraces[Read full story]


The Interview: Mark Watson

In 2001, after his graduation from Queens’ College, Mark Watson made his first trip to the Edinburgh Fringe with a Footlights show called ‘Far Too Happy’. Since then Mark has visited the fringe a number of times, performing several ground-breaking twenty-four hour pieces. He has starred in a number of television and radio shows including ‘We Need Answers’, ‘The Mad Bad Ad Show’ and ‘Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better’ while featuring in ‘Mock the Week’ and ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’.

Earlier in his career, Mark always spoke in a strong Welsh accent. Since then his on stage persona[Read full story]


The Stanford Prison Experiment

Stanford University, 1971. It was a very simple concept: a group of young, healthy, male volunteers were split equally and randomly assigned roles. Half became prisoners, half became wardens; they were placed in a makeshift jail and their actions observed.

Although originally planned to last two weeks, the study was abruptly ended after only six days. Prisoners were behaving in pathological ways, having mental breakdowns and participating in hunger strikes. Guards were acting sadistically, stripping prisoners naked and placing bags over their heads, humiliating them both physically and mentally.

It was important to remember that the prison environment was closely[Read full story]


ArcSoc: Cabaret

The temperature was low, but expectations were high. ArcSoc Cabaret has clearly established itself as a highlight of the Lent social calendar, judging by the impressive black market for spare tickets it had spawned on its Facebook page. After a long queue revellers were greeted by a Union Building saturated in suspended objects; starting with a cascade of balloons artfully descending from a first story window into the garden, to the familiar ArcSoc décor of pop art pasted over every surface. Balloons abound, there was no shortage of things to keep your hands and eyes busy, another highlight being a room[Read full story]


Let’s get this par-tea started

Tea is kind of like magic. It cures every problem and solves every ailment. Just been through a bad breakup? Let Earl Grey give you a liquid-y hug. Can’t sleep? Summon rooibos, the mineral-laden super-tea and you’ll be dozing off in no time as the fluid of angels circulates around your tired, achey and Christmas-weight-loaded body. Drinking tea is the perfect boredom repellent too. It doesn’t matter how dull a lecture, conversation or date is because at least you are there drinking tea. Allow your tongue to be cleansed by the free flowing fluid fabulousness that is centuries of blood-thirsty colonialism’s gift[Read full story]


Tennis: Cambridge Ladies travel to Nottingham Trent

After a Christmas break of fun-filled festivities, the team were ready to play their first fixture of the New Year – with a full set of new stash to match. Following the success of last term it certainly wasn’t a case of “new year, new me” but rather the team looked to build on their previous positive performances.

However, this was to be no walk in the park, especially against the league leaders Nottingham Trent. Leah and Laura faced a hard-hitting duo who proved tough opponents and, although our girls took the first set, they were unlucky to lose in[Read full story]



Cambridge University Dance Society’s annual showcase, Evolution, was certainly a kaleidoscope of different dance styles. Indian, ballet, contemporary, belly dancing, ballroom, hip-hop, gymnastics; it was vibrant, eye-catching and enthusiastically performed. There were some stand-out performances, in particular ‘Mayil’, an Indian dance choreographed by Shrividya Ravi, Mahima Chandrasekhar, Divya Ramkumar and performed along with Architha Srinivasan. This dynamic and colourful piece was a wonderfully co-ordinated, very polished, and expressive performance. Alys Williams’ ‘Real Human Beings’ – a four part dance that followed the relationship of a girl (Williams) and boy (Hao Feng) from first meeting to break up – was similarly[Read full story]


Union drinks go on without CUSU LGBT+

Union drinks go on without CUSU LGBT+

Despite CUSU LGBT+ dropping their support for the Union’s weekly drinks, the Union will continue to host the event

CUSU LGBT+ host alternative event to Germaine Greer

CUSU LGBT+ host alternative event to Germaine Greer

Trans feminist activist Roz Kaveney condemns Greer’s ‘vicious personal attacks’ and looks to the future of a more trans positive feminism

Jobs soar in city as Cambridge drives national growth

Jobs soar in city as Cambridge drives national growth

Cambridge has topped tables for job and population growth over the last decade, a recent report has found

Padman appeals for calm in Greer outcry

Dr Rachael Padman, whose Newnham fellowship was protested by Germaine Greer in 1996, has asked for her to be given a ‘fair hearing’ amid demands for disinvitation from the Union

Students demonstrate for release of Saudi blogger sentenced to 1000 lashes

Cambridge PEN demand freedom for Saudi blogger Raif and his lawyer Waleed in rally outside King’s


The Interview: Mark Watson

The Interview: Mark Watson

Jack Benda talks to Mark Watson, ex-footlight and now professional comedian about his life

Culture What's On: Week 2

Culture What’s On: Week 2

From Germaine Greer and Sarah Pascoe to sex with horses, Week 2 has something for everyone – here’s the Culture Editors’ pick o’ the bunch

Love Art After Dark: A Personal Perspective

Love Art After Dark: A Personal Perspective

Miranda Gabbott takes us behind the scenes of this magical night at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Sara Pascoe: Does all comedy have a victim?

Ahead of her stop at The Junction on 23rd January, Jordan Mitchell grabs an interview with this rising comedic star

Our Preference for Posh: perhaps a problem?

With the recent influx of poshness on our screens, Joanne Stewart delves into the tantalising but troubling world of toffs, Tatler and tiny dogs


The Ismist: why I took on the Establishment

The Ismist: why I took on the Establishment

Allan Hennessy argues that it’s time we tackled authority

The Holocaust: Remembering is for life

Memorials for crimes of this magnitude can’t be confined to a day, says Noa Gendler

It’s time to listen to the voices of vulnerable students

Serious consideration needs to be given to introducing a reading week

Transphobic feminism: an oxymoron

Why Greer’s feminism isn’t worth your Monday evening

Youth Political Engagement

Sam Dalton argues that TWS’s recent conference should have gone further in proposing radical solutions


Tennis: Cambridge Ladies travel to Nottingham Trent

Tennis: Cambridge Ladies travel to Nottingham Trent

Cambridge Ladies Tennis 2nd’s earn a commendable draw against league leaders Nottingham Trent 1st’s in their latest fixture

Case closed for shirt swaps: solicitors step in

Case closed for shirt swaps: solicitors step in

Alexander JLO Solicitors kindly agreed to cover the cost of any Cambridge United player who wished to swap their shirt against Manchester United on Friday night

'U'topia for Cambridge United

‘U’topia for Cambridge United

Cambridge United earn a more than deserved goalless draw against Manchester United in a memorable cup fixture for the U’s.

Divided and United in Cambridge

India Matharu-Daley, a devout Manchester United fan, reflects on seeing football in Cambridge for the first time, and the differing worlds of two distinctly different Uniteds

The FA Cup Fourth Round: How did Cambridge get there?

With just hours to go until kick-off Richard Stockwell reports on how Cambridge United won the chance to face Manchester United in the fourth round of the FA Cup.


Let's get this par-tea started

Let’s get this par-tea started

David Godwin finds the perfect place for you to indulge your caffeine addiction depending on which stage you’re at in your Cambridge week

Je Suis Ahmed

Je Suis Ahmed

Muslim student at Cambridge gives her verdict

How to: Pretend to be cool

How to: Pretend to be cool

Trade secrets from a professional

Poolside Perspectives: the Winter Pool

It’s that time of year: Rose Lander and Melissa Smith share different experiences of the Winter Pool

How to: Rewin your bedder’s love

Sarah Collins reveals how to rescue your most important Cambridge relationship


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