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CUSU join anti-fur boycott of Cambridge gown supplier

CUSU have moved to back a boycott of the Cambridge retailer Ede and Ravenscroft.

The vote was passed last night at the third CUSU council of Michaelmas to back a new campaign against the store on the grounds that it sells fur products.

The ‘Boycott Ede and Ravenscroft’ Facebook group accuses the store of selling fur products, even though these were not the product of fur farming.

CUSU voted to “to support a boycott of Ede and Ravenscroft and encourage the hiring or purchasing of gowns from Ryder and Amies instead” as well as publicise the boycott Facebook group, which[Read full story]


Millie Brierley: Week 7

In news more welcome than a routine dental exam, and more exciting than a sale at Debenhams, plans have this week been announced to send a British crew to the moon within ten years. While this is, we are told, very good news, it turns out that space missions are pretty costly – £500 million, to be precise – and so, in this modern era of crowd funded potato salad, a Kickstarter campaign has naturally been set up to raise funds.

The idea is that, in exchange for a donation, members of the public will be able to send up[Read full story]


Can hip-hop ever be feminist?

Like many in Cambridge, I proudly define myself as a feminist and probably (to some of my peers’ dismay) bring this topic into conversation on a daily basis. But I have an ostensibly un-feminist confession to make: I love rap and hip-hop. This is no trivial ‘guilty pleasure’ that I can laugh off, but an insatiable addiction and genuine artistic appreciation for the genre. Some would say that the misogynistic elements of rap should put me off, at least until it cleans up its act; but I cannot help but be enticed by the rebellious spirit of rap.

My second[Read full story]


Polygeia: students shaping global health policy

It’s hard to imagine that a group of students could actually make a difference in combating global health problems – but those at last weekend’s Polygeia conference have certainly taken a step in the right direction.

Following its creation in January, Polygeia has attracted students across the university to contribute to Cambridge’s first global health think-tank. They have identified problems in global health, focusing on five main areas: antimicrobial drugs, health partnerships, mental health, neglected tropical diseases and sexual and reproductive health. Over the course of 10 months, and with guidance from established academic advisors, they have researched and developed their own[Read full story]


Film: The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game opens on a note of familiarity to a Cambridge audience: in a one-on-one, a King’s maths professor begins an answer with the words, “are you paying attention?” But, sitting in a police cell, facing charges of ‘gross indecency,’ the man who broke the Enigma code is a world away from the shelter of Cambridge, and the tale that he unfolds is one of the most extraordinary stories of the twentieth century.

As we are shown Alan Turing’s experience of World War Two – for him, a war against the clock – director Morten Tyldum delivers an engrossing[Read full story]


Dealing with stress

What is stress? Is it a feeling of pressure? Is it a sense of emotional and psychological strain? Does it result from external stimuli or is it born of expectations that we have set for ourselves? It is likely that every person who attempts to respond to these questions will have their own answer, an answer as individual as their stress-inducing experiences and as personal as their stress-relieving methods.

What is unlikely, however, is that any person will suggest that stress is a positive facet of their life. A glance at the term’s etymology (and that of its all-too-familiar cognate[Read full story]


Match Report: Pythons 0 – 10 Oxford Brookes

The Cambridge University Pythons started off their season in a redesigned Cambridge Blue kit with a close loss to the OBU Panthers. 

This was the Pythons’ first game of the season, and for many of their players, their first ever game. The Panthers had already played a game, a tough loss to Kent in overtime. Both defences started well, with the Panthers getting an interception on the Pythons’ first drive after some long gains on passes from Joe Yarwood to Joe Moore, then Rob Brewster picking off the OBU quarterback while the Panthers were within ten yards of the Cambridge end[Read full story]



From the very beginning Road assaults the audience with a dizzying rush of emotions as it flickers between scenes, from house to house and room to room. The kaleidoscopic scenes are not incoherent though, for all are connected by the Road, an unidentified street in 80s Lancashire. The flood of impressions is almost overwhelming – the smell of perfume, of matches, of hot chips and cigarettes, the blaring punk music, the crashes of thrown chairs and bottles, screaming, swearing, and the eerie tinkling of a child’s musical box. 

The set reflected this, with jumbled piles of half broken furniture and[Read full story]


Interview: Pussy Riot

Interview: Pussy Riot

Kenza Bryan talks Putin, protest and the West with Pussy Riot at the Union

CUSU counselling survey launched

CUSU counselling survey launched

The survey aims to gather information on students’ experience of talk therapy provision at Cambridge to inform future changes

Woman charged with stealing £300,000 from Pembroke College

Woman charged with stealing £300,000 from Pembroke College

A former employee of the college has been charged with fraud by position in connection with £300,000 missing from college accounts

City council call for sex attacks inquiry

Councillors demand independent inquiry into recent sex attacks

Drones come to Cambridge

Amazon has announced that a trial of its new delivery drones will be held in Cambridge


Can hip-hop ever be feminist?

Can hip-hop ever be feminist?

Despite some deeply-engrained misogyny, hip-hop chimes with feminist themes, argues Gabrielle McGuinness

The Law of Kanun

The Law of Kanun

Aurelien Gueroult discusses the dark inspiration behind his upcoming radioplay

Release your inner child

Release your inner child

Jacqueline Wilson’s visit to Cambridge prompts some literary nostaligia

The rise of clip culture

Millie Paine and Hana Gudelis discuss the pros and cons of the six-second video

Interview: O’Hooley and Tidow

Tess Davidson talks to this up and coming folk band who are redefining their genre


Millie Brierley: Week 7

Millie Brierley: Week 7

What would you put in your time capsule to the moon?

Is the far right on the rise?

Nick Jones asks whether we should be worried about the rise of populist movement Britain First on social media

Underheard at Cambridge: A good day to be a White Man

Resident news hound Peter Lloyd-Williams sniffs out the tales no other rag will publish

Diary of a recovering alcoholic: apologies and secrets

How do you build relationships, when the most important part of your life is also the most private?

Is Cambridge still a boys’ club?

Cambridge’s gender imbalance needs to change


Match Report: Pythons 0 - 10 Oxford Brookes

Match Report: Pythons 0 – 10 Oxford Brookes

The Pythons go down fighting against Oxford Brookes

Women's tennis teams travel to Bristol and Leicester

Women’s tennis teams travel to Bristol and Leicester

The 1sts lost a tight encounter with Bristol, while the 2nds eased to victory over Leicester

Double victories for the netball teams

Double victories for the netball teams

The Blues were convincing victors over Bedford, while the Jays claimed success over Oxford

Your first foot forward

An insight into the fledgling career of a college football starlet

Entries open for the Boundary Run

If you want to set yourself a goal for Lent Term, the Cambridge University Hare and Hounds’ Boundary Run may be just the thing


Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress

Raisa Ostapenko shares her personal methods for stress-relief

Afternoon tea at Harriet's

Afternoon tea at Harriet’s

Katie Cornish delights in the old-world charm of Harriet’s afternoon tea

The foodie's hidden gems

The foodie’s hidden gems

This week, Katie Cornish visits some of the less well-known Cambridge eateries

Honestly, love… feeling the fear

Ella Waters considers the detrimental effect fear can have on a relationship

There’s no place like home

Elsa Maishman ponders homesickness in Cambridge


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