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Students demand a safer Cambridge

Following a series of sexual assaults in Cambridge city centre last week, students have come together to protest against the low level of security that the city offers at night.

Last Friday night Mill Road, Jesus Green and an area near the Grand Arcade became the locations of three separate cases of sexual assault.

Two Libyan soldiers, Mohammed Abdalsalam, 27, and Naji El Maarfi, 20, who had been training at barracks in Cambridgeshire have since admitted to the criminal acts. A third soldier declined to enter a plea.

Police are still investigating a “serious” assault on a man which occurred[Read full story]


Saying goodbye to Week 5 blues

In the hallowed seat of learning that is Cambridge, there is a recurring line of argument which goes roughly along the lines of: Hey, Cambridge isn’t actually that bad, is it, despite all the bad bits? It pops up every few months, throwing up some of the clichés Cambridge students are forced to swallow from the start of their applications to graduation: we work hard but we play even harder; watch out for the ‘Week Five Blues’; having another essay crisis again; oh but aren’t we the luckiest people in the world, just to be here; look at the light[Read full story]


Do you like scary movies?

We file into the already crowded Bryant Park, picking our way past picnic blankets and cuddling couples to settle ourselves in some seats ready for the screening. As the ominous first notes ring out across the park, and the iconic opening shot of Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece The Shining fills the screen, there are whoops and cheers from the audience. Silence falls, and the unsettling story begins.

Why is The Shining quite so terrifying? Slow and steady, its central performer Jack Nicholson paints the perfect portrait of insanity percolating below the surface. I would categorise The Shining as a thriller, rather[Read full story]


Medicine with Maddie: Neglect

Let’s imagine Patient X. He suffered a stroke on the right side of his brain, and doctors are hopeful for his recovery. He is able to speak and make decisions. However, his wife has noticed some puzzling symptoms. In the morning, Patient X will only shave the right side of his face, and he only ever eats food on the right side of his plate. He will only show interest in the right side of the newspaper, and he continuously walks into the left of door frames. His wife feels that if she speaks or approaches him on his left[Read full story]


Film: This Is Where I Leave You

Watching Tina Fey and Jason Bateman’s new flick This is Where I Leave You, you may get a creeping sense of déjà-vu.

The narrative bumbles from family black sheep Judd Altman (Bateman), whose ‘perfect’ life comes tumbling down and who is forced to reconnect with his dysfunctional but generally loving family, before realising that life is more perfect if it’s messy after all. Cue vague plotline of just about every heart-warming ‘finding yourself by going back to your roots’ movie to come out of Hollywood in recent years.

It is made all the more painful by the fact that Fey[Read full story]


The art of dressing up

Zoe Silkstone: NO

Are we ever too old to dress up? No! Nein. Pas de tout. Absolutely not. Never! I’m coming from the standpoint of 100 per cent Peter Pan mentality here. As someone who is the baby in every situation, I intend to live out my youth for as long as possible. And by youth I mean childhood. And by childhood I mean all things Disney. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to relive those childhood dreams.

Having worked at my primary school during September, I remember one particular day in the playground watching about 20 eight-year olds running around,[Read full story]


Varsity rugby match to commemorate fallen

This year’s Varsity match will be a particularly special occasion as we mark 100 years since the start of the First World War.

In perhaps the most famous sporting fixture in the Cambridge calendar, the 133rd Varsity rugby match is this year going to be held to commemorate the passing of 100 years since the First World War and those numerous Blues players who gave their lives in the war. As a result, a minute’s silence will be held before the kick-off on December 11th.

There were around 800,000 British military deaths and more than 1.5 million casualties during the[Read full story]


Interview: John Cleese

In 1972, a 20 year old student by the name of Douglas Adams was standing at the Round House bar during an interval, when he noticed that the man standing next to him happened to be his comedy idol. Without hesitating, Adams introduced himself and asked the man if he could interview him for Varsity. Despite having graduated some nine years before, the man accepted the offer, gave Adams his number, and on November 25 1972 Varsity published Douglas Adams’s interview with a Mr. John Cleese.

Now, I’m not going to draw any levels of comparison between myself and Douglas[Read full story]


Cambridge grad disappears after husband joins ISIS in Syria

Cambridge grad disappears after husband joins ISIS in Syria

Homertonian Iimaan Ismail has vanished after her husband left the UK to join ISIS

Libyan soldiers admit to sex attacks

Libyan soldiers admit to sex attacks

Two Libyan soldiers training outside Cambridge have admitted to sexual assault.

The Interview: Caroline Criado-Perez

The Interview: Caroline Criado-Perez

Caroline Criado-Perez, “one of the most influential women in British media,” tells Elissa Foord about abuse, fame and feminism

Marking boycott could threaten exams

Support for marking boycott amongst lecturers threatens summer examinations

Objection to Criado-Perez is ‘personal’

Recent conflict with Women’s Campaign is a ‘personal vendetta’


Do you like scary movies?

Do you like scary movies?

Jessica Barnfield on why thrillers have the edge on gore when it comes to getting you to the edge of your seat

Generation Stupid Hoe

Generation Stupid Hoe

Alexander Pytka explains why our generation is defined by Niki Minaji’s Stupid Hoe

Young Fathers & the Mercury Prize

Young Fathers & the Mercury Prize

Tom Bevan on the hip-hop trio that just defied expectation and won one of the most prestigious awards in British music

The return of Twin Peaks

As David Lynch’s masterpiece returns to the small screen, will the appeal endure?

Silent Partners

Lavinia Puccetti on the Silent Partners exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum


Saying goodbye to Week 5 blues

Saying goodbye to Week 5 blues

The ‘blues’ are not something to be trivialised

Is your costume racist?

As you get dressed up tonight, consider the meaning of your outfit

On the hymen

In a frank discussion of her own experiences, Courtney Landers dispels the myths surrounding ‘the first time’

Underheard at Cambridge: Prevention of Cruelty to Undergraduates

Resident news hound Peter Lloyd-Williams sniffs out the tales no other rag will publish

Designer vaginas are damaging the fight against FGM

With the rise of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery, does the West hold hypocritical views against FGM? Alice Boyd thinks so.


Varsity rugby match to commemorate fallen

Varsity rugby match to commemorate fallen

100 years after the start of the Great War, we remember fallen Blues

Race Report: The Hare and Hounds take on the RAF and Eastern Counties

Race Report: The Hare and Hounds take on the RAF and Eastern Counties

Saturday saw the Hare and Hounds’ women’s team dominate their match against the RAF and the Eastern Counties Athletics Association cross-country teams, while there were encouraging signs from the men’s team in a very competitive early season fixture.

Not just glue

Not just glue

Richard Stockwell responds to criticism of horse racing welfare

American Football comes to Cambridge

Niche Sport of the week: the Pythons plea for American Football players

Suarez of the Season

Which striker will truly dig their teeth into the game this season? Dan Hanna investigates


The art of dressing up

The art of dressing up

Are we too old for Halloween?

Honestly, love... losing 'it'

Honestly, love… losing ‘it’

This week, Ella Waters tackles the sensitive matter of virginity

My favourite outfit

My favourite outfit

Isabel Adomakoh-Young talks about her beloved vintage band jacket

The word ‘slut’ – it’s not okay

Let’s abolish it, says Leanne Walstow

Watering holes

Kate Cornish goes in search of the best pubs in Cambridge


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