Friday 19th September 2014, 04:44 BST | Cambridge,UK

Impbridge ranked second in the world (that’s Imperial and Cambridge)

The University of Cambridge has been ranked alongside Imperial College London in joint second place in the latest world university rankings. The QS World University Rankings 2014 were published today, charting Cambridge’s further rise on the international academic Read more…


Cambridge scholarship for Syrian graduates

Global Leaders initiative to provide promising young Syrians with a postgraduate education while the civil war rages on

Israel Society brands councillor’s Gaza remarks “irresponsible and cruel”

The University of Cambridge Israel Society is among multiple groups to comment on Tim Bick’s description of the conflict as “genocide”.

LGBT people twice as likely to suffer from chronic mental health problems

A study by the University of Cambridge has revealed that gay, lesbian and bisexual people are also twice as likely not to trust their GP.

Stephen Hawking takes the ice bucket challenge

The world-famous physicist joins in on the global phenomenon and nominates some surprising figures to take the plunge after him.

Dr Belinda Cupid: the front line against ALS

Elissa Foord talks to Dr Belinda Cupid, the Head of Research at the UK’s main ALS charity, about the benefits of the Ice Bucket Challenge


Ruling Class

Talent, Originality and Social Engagement – Ciara Nugent on why Ruling Class is well worth your support.

Pick of the Fringe

A quick look at some of the best shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival

O, Captain, My Captain!

Lavinia Puccetti takes an emotional look at the late Robin Williams’ legacy, and what it means for the children who grew up with him

Guggenheim Exhibition: ‘For Your Eyes Only’

Lavinia Puccetti discusses the seduction and persuasion that pervades the art of this intriguing exhibition

Arcsoc Summer Show 2014

Ciara Nugent urges anyone near a train station to head to this year’s Arcsoc show in London


Am I Scottish? A story from Cambridge

It’s referendum day and Charlotte Ivers wonders what it will mean for Scotland, the Scottish and the place she calls home

Psychology and the Scotland Referendum

Freddie Green offers an intriguing analysis of the role played by psychology in the Scotland referendum.

Sky Holmes in Kurdistan: The nopolitik of ISIS

Sky Holmes reports from Southeast Anatolia/Kurdistan. In a series of reports for Varsity, he documents his experiences in the unstable region.

Sky Holmes in Kurdistan: The realpolitik of the rock

Sky Holmes reports from Southeast Anatolia/Kurdistan. In a series of reports for Varsity, he documents his experiences in the unstable region.

A Jennifer Lawrence Story; Or How to be an Internet Creep

Peter Lloyd-Williams addresses the creepy implications of the recent Jennifer Lawrence hacking scandal.


Oh Past Glory Glory Man United!

Decline and shame, Daniel Hanna‘s thoughts.

Freshers’ Guide: Which sports should you choose?

The beginning of your university life is always a challenging one: what are the best sports to combat the fresher panic?

Racing to a New Varsity Rivalry

Horse racing is the latest sport to establish a Varsity contest, and the first ever flat race between Oxford and Cambridge will take place on Friday 17th October as part of Dubai Future Champions Day at Newmarket.

Sledging In Cricket: Have They Crossed The Boundary?

If rugby is a game for barbarians played by gentlemen, and football is a game for gentlemen played by barbarians, then surely cricket is a game for gentlemen played by gentlemen?

Varsity Channel swim ends in historic draw

The Oxford and Cambridge swimming teams drew in their race across the Channel for the first time in over a decade


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